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Cotton Square Cushion 50×50×10 cm

Cotton Square Cushion 50×50×10 cm

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This high quality cCotton Square Cushion works for everyday use.Tailored for sedentary people, all-round relief of the pressure on the hips, and can be used as a lumbar cushion for backbone relief, let sedentary no longer fatigue. Especially suitable for outdoor & indoor usages.

Perfect For Any Seating Area: Simply pick up chair pad and take it with you for added comfort anywhere in your home. Ideal for long periods as it feels very comfortable and perfect for any seat, office chair, dining chair, patio chair, kitchen chair, wheelchair, car or truck seat, indoors or outdoors ,etc.


Cover Material: YY heavy cloth& stuffed with cotton


* High-Quality Materials made of YY Cover and Cotton Fill, Thick durable and breathable textured fabric for comfort.

* Breathable Material: closely thick texture, non-formaldehyde, non-faded, enjoy a healthy life, comfortable cushion suitable for everyone.

* High-End Quality and Workmanship, And add a touch of graceful color to any chair

* Perfect For Any Seating Area: Simply pick up chair pad and take it with you for added comfort anywhere in your home. Perfect for kitchen chairs, dining room and any other chair that needs additional comfort.


50×50×10 cm

Care Instructions

just leave it under sunlight once a week to get back to its original status, for cleaning Washing is not recommended, please protect the mat by using Use a gentle, non-detergent soap that is made for washing down- and synthetic-filled items.

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